Our Philosophy


I believe that when women are at peace, so is everyone else.  I believe that every woman needs to know how to resolve conflict.  I believe that women are the heart of the home.  Even outside of the home, women are a powerful force.  

Resolving conflict helps you navigate personal relationships, close friendships, colleagues, teams, and projects at work.  Resolving conflict helps you communicate better, empathize deeper and trust easier.   

Resolving conflict is not financial. 

Resolving conflict well is not political.

Resolving conflict well is not racial.

In our corporate trainings, 1:1 coaching and group conciliations, we focus on six pillars:

1.  Ethics and honesty with information. 

2.  Verification and deference to the law.

3.  Belief and trust in the process.

4.  Deep appreciation for everyone involved.

5.  Patience with ourselves and others.

6.  Extending kindness and empathy no matter what.

I believe that these pillars can guide anyone's process of resolving conflict, negotiating and speaking up effectively.