Our Passion

Our Passion

We spend much time at work.  Minutes becomes hours which becomes weeks which eventually become years.  Every employee and in particular, Leaders MUST be equipped with skills that will help them ensure that their work environment is a high quality workplace where communication and culture can thrive.  A high quality work environment is key and needs to be a part of the DNA of every organization so that the future of work is not disruptive.  We desire to assist organizations and leaders create a culture where all employees are safe, expressive and productive.  This is our passion.  This is our mission.  

Our Position

For leaders that want to enhance their work environment through trainings, our position is the following:

Resolving conflict well is not about politics.    

Resolving conflict well is not about race.    

Resolving conflict well is not about finances.

Resolving conflict helps everyone navigate and manage personal relationships, increase workplace productivity and increase team effectiveness.  Simply put: resolving conflict helps you to (1) communicate better, (2) empathize deeper and (3) trust easier.

Our Philosophy

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We take a 5 step approach to our conflict resolution training: