Philosophy and Training Approach


We spend much time at work.  Minutes becomes hours which becomes weeks which eventually become years.  Work environment is important for productive work.  It must be toxic free and allow people to be expressive and productive.  Every employee and in particular leaders must be equipped with the skills that will help them ensure that their work environment is a high quality workplace where communication and culture can thrive.


Resolving conflict helps everyone navigate personal relationships, close friendships, colleagues, teams, and projects at work.  Resolving conflict helps you communicate better, empathize deeper and trust easier.   

Resolving conflict is not financial. 

Resolving conflict well is not political.

Resolving conflict well is not racial.

In our corporate trainings, 1:1 customized services and team conciliations, we focus on six pillars:

1.  Belief and trust in the process.

2.  Honest and confidential information. 

3.  Deep appreciation for everyone involved.

4. Verification and deference to authority.

5.  Patience with ourselves and others.

6.  Extending kindness and empathy no matter what.

I believe that these pillars can guide anyone's process of resolving conflict, negotiating and speaking up effectively.