Back-to-School Negotiations

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

If you're a parent, you're probably jumping up and down because August is right around the corner. As a fellow parent, I’m regularly looking for ways negotiate to save money and increase my salary. Let's be honest, summers are great but EXHAUSTING! I know many parents that are ready to drop their kids off at the bus stop and keep it moving! Ha!

Kids go back to school in a month's time. So dust off your negotiations shoes, stretch those legs and let's get it! Here are 3 Back-to-School areas that you should try to negotiate!

1. Daycare/After School Care Costs. I successfully got a 10% discount on my son’s monthly tuition rate. How? I simply asked. I specifically said, “do we get a discount for bringing my son’s lunch? That’s one less mouth to feed.” They told me no. I came back with another proposition, “Do you have any discounts available? I really want to keep my son here but the cost is a bit high.” They said give them a few days to think about it and just like that - I got a 10% discount! Was it uncomfortable? A bit. Did I die? No. Now, I’m saving $80/month.

You can do the same exact thing for After School Care costs.

Whether you are going through a public school or private school - simply but graciously, ask for a discount. You want to leverage as much as possible so be prepared to ask by having a back up plan in case they say no.

2. School Supplies. Each year, each household has to purchase a truck load of supplies. No shade to the teachers but 10 boxes of tissues?! Really!? #RollingEyes Anyway, you negotiate the school supply purchase. Ask the homeroom teacher if you can increase the supplies by 50% but join another parent and go half-sy on it. If you are able to join another parent, you effectively save 25% of the amount that you would have spend had you purchase everything.

Think about: you increase supplies by 50% that makes it 150%. You then split it in half for a total of 75% of the supplies.

You are guaranteeing the teacher that s/he will have supplies and you’re guaranteed to save money. The worst alternative is you don’t purchase any supplies whatsoever and teachers want to avoid that. What do you think of that tactic?

3. Extracurricular Activities. Karate. Ballet. Soccer. Pee Wee Football. Acting. I can go on and on. These fees rack up so much so quickly. Between the Registration Fee, Enrollment Fee, Supply Fee, Equipment Fee and Uniform Fee - I’m spent! Literally! Just as above, you should consider asking for a fee discount or waived altogether! No shame here! I have a good friend that's in the process of asking for a discount for her son's karate lessons. How? By saying, "My son really enjoys karate and I want to continue, if I guarantee that I will keep him in for 6 months, can you give me a monthly discount?" I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope you found this helpful! Please share!

Negotiating life with you,