Fear and Courage at Once. On Stage with Lisa Nichols

Three years ago, when I was about 4 months pregnant - I did something bold. Many people tell me that I'm fearless. Many people tell me that I have deep courage. Being courageous and fearless are not synonymous. I was incredibly nervous. In 2017, I was attending Lisa Nichols's Speak and Write to Make Millions Conference in Atlanta, GA. I recall that she specifically said, "who wants to practice their pitch with me..." I thought, here is your chance to be on stage with Lisa Nichols. I was already fangirling her from my home in Florida, my husband encourage me to attend the conference and booked my ticket...and there I was trying to sort out whether I wanted to raise my hand and get on the stage.

So I did. I took my thought into action and I WAVED MY HANDS like a crazy woman! I mean, I went CRAZY, trying to get her attention in a room of over 500 people. And then I heard her say, "You! In the yellow shirt and pearls! Come up here...be quick, be quick..." And then I melted. I got a chance to practice my pitch and practice it to Lisa Nichols. The woman who inspired me with her amazing stories. The woman who helped me through her 28 Days to No Matter What. The woman who I admired greatly. I was on her stage.

Still to this day, I am thankful. (Lisa, if you ever remember me - I hope to do amazing work with you!). Watch the video clip below and thank you!