Educate. Equip. Empower.

We provide unique developmental opportunities for organizational leaders, individuals, teams of all sizes and female leaders.  The services offered below are priced according the expressed situation and urgency behind the development.  For female leaders, our learning and development approach is proven to bettering relationships inside and outside of the workplace.  
Organizational Leaders
Corporate Conflict Training.

Companies and corporations of any size benefit through conflict resolution training.  Corporate Conflict Training is one of the available services that serves as an essential part of a constructive and productive workplace culture. Small teams and employees gain and leverage internal customer service skills and better communications.


Companies and corporations often need an objective, deep-dive strategy sessions to enhance any perceived deficiencies in their organization.  Through our consulting arm, we will support your increase of profit by assessing and identifying the inertia an organization's increase of profits and employee retention by creating a unique strategy plan.

Female Leaders
1:1/Group Coaching and Conciliation. 

The Service offering of 1:1 coaching is perfect for female leaders that are looking to advance themselves in the corporate setting.  Similarly, groups of women who are experiencing difficulties in their friendships are able to resolve the specific issues that are weighing them down.  Group coaching is offered once every six-months to no more than 8 women who truly desire increase their impact with negotiation skills training.

Various Resources.  

There are several resources (worksheets, checklists, webinars, etc.) that are available on the Resources page for women who want to resolve to win in the workplace, the home space or in their personal relationships.


Professional Conciliation.  

Often, entrepreneurs enter into business deals that become fractured and fragile.  The Conciliation Service provides entrepreneurs with an option to maintain the professional relationship, fix the business deal and strengthen the personal relationship.


A la Carte Negotiations.

For entrepreneurs that desire a one-time negotiation, our one-time negotiation deal gives you the voice you need in order to be successful.